3 August 2016

About us – Six question to go

WHAT is YOUTransport?

The website that allows you to ask for offers to transport.

HOW does it work?

In an extremely easy and guided way.
Using the search form, you can make a single transport request, knowing that it will be directly and simultaneously forwarded to all the transporters who can really fullfill your request at the best price, with the best service and immediatly!
The search form is structured also for those who are not experts in the field of transportation, in order to always fill in a complete and clear application form.

Simple, right?
The service we offer to our customer, who must transport, is absolutely FREE!
For transporters, see the dedicated section.

WHO transports?

We can assure you that transports will be done only by trusted couriers, regularly enrolled as members of the association of transporters authorized to transport and in possession of any other necessary permit for the transportation of specific types of goods.
We care so much about your safety and service that, thanks to our feedback area, you can report any problems you had with the transporter. We will always verify that registered transporters continue to show professionalism, honesty and reliability.

WHERE can I transport?

Thanks to the global database, you can potentially require transportation with departures and destinations around the world! Where can you make a request? Clicking on the RED button (Request Trasport) on the home page, or CLICK HERE.

WHEN can I start?

Now! Just simply create your username and password and you’re ready to make your first transportation request. You can also get familiar with the application form and register your username and password at the end.

WHY was YOUTransport born?

YOuTransport was born, like all the most innovative and revolutionary inventions, for necessity. How many times, both private and companies, you find yourself having to transport something bulky or heavy, but without knowing to who to rely on. Maybe call an express courier, who asks us for an arm and a leg. Or call a local carrier, that does not usually transport that route and therefore could ask either for more, or simply tell us he can not make the transportation … Or simply… we have never given a shipment to others thinking we are not experts. At this point it is logical to ask: Is it possible that my transportation needs, and therefore the request for offers can come ONLY and DIRECTLY from couriers who can really run the transportation, or those who normally deliver to my areas? Is there a site that can guide and help me? Until now this was not possible. But now, YOUTransport!