3 August 2016

FAQ Transporters

WHO can register?

All transporters authorized to transport, regularly enrolled in their registers; all companies authorized to organize and manage cargo movement within their country and / or abroad.

WHAT do I get from the service?

As a registered transporter you will receive by email requests for transport offers.

HOW MUCH does it cost?

The service has no fixed costs. Depends only on what you’ve already billed to customers thanks to us! The percentage that we require is pre-agreed in a transparent way with each carrier. We invoice only after you have received payment from the end customer! The payment of our service you will be able to perform by bank transfer.

HOW does it work?

You must first register as a transporter. You must choose the regions / countries of your competence, the type of merchandise that you can deliver, the resources you have available, with relative size and weight limits. If for example you have only 6 meter long equipment, you will not receive offers for pieces longer than 10 mt … We suggest however to “simulate” the recording to understand everything, the procedure is totally guided and extremely easy to manage.

WHERE will I receive the transport offers?

On one or more of your emails. If you’re a small transporter, and you yourself are also the driver, you may want to organize yourself with the latest smart phones that allow you to receive e-mails on the phone.

WHEN will I begin to receive offers?

From the moment you register and your documentation are received, your account will be activated within 24 hours . Why not immediately? To control who has registered. We absolutely want to avoid people or companies that are registered to carry for unauthorized third parties. YOUTransport needs serious companies in order to remain a true reference point. We therefore take 24 hours to make the necessary checks. Clearly, from the moment they activate your account you must wait for user requests, which will soon to arrive!

WHY should I register on YOUTransport?

You will have the advantage of receiving requests from companies that you would never have known otherwise. If you are organized to receive immediate payments at withdrawal or delivery, you can also extend your services to private people by increasing and diversifying your business. You will only receive requests that you can actually manage. Thus, less time lost for offers you can not be competitive with, and an exponential increase of your customer base. That is, you work BETTER and MORE.
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