3 August 2016

Terms of Use

Who benefits from the services and features of this site confirms at the same time to comply with the following conditions:

Subject of service / contract

Users / Transporters receive from YOUTransport permission to use the site with the SOLE purpose of being placed in contact with each other in order to send / receive offers for transport. YOUTransport therefore is only a “means of initial communication” between requester and offerer. All subsequent communication between users and transporters will take place out of the site.


Compensation cannot be asked for any malfunction of the site, due to maintenance, that can prevent sending / receiving requests.
Due to mandatory registration of users and transporters and the feedback area, YouTransport seeks to ensure the establishment of business relationships between SERIOUS and RELIABLE users / Transporters. However, YOUTransport does not respond in any way to the data on the site and assumes NO liability relating to contracts made or transport or any kind of relationship that users begin after the initial request, nor will it be responsible for disputes, also legal, born after. We kindly invite you however to let us know in the Feedback area.

Consequences negative feedback and quality of service

If repeated negative feedbacks are received related to a user or a transporter, or also to ONE SERIOUS case of dishonesty, misconduct or inefficiency, PROVEN an ASCERTAINED, YOUTransport reserves the right to annul membership of the user / transporter service, and it can not claim compensation for the remaining period. This measure serves to maintain YOUTransport a reliable service over time, it is also a deterrent to prevent unfair acts to “real” users from pranksters and time wasters.


It is a requirement for users to keep their personal information correct and updated. If a transporter were to gain or lose permission to carry a particular type of good, it must be reported to us. It is prohibited to transfer to others passwords for access to the service.